LED Lighting

Not all Lights are Created Equal!

Although there are a multitude of lighting solutions available, not all lights are created equal! Depending on the location and layout of your home, some methods of lighting may be more suited than others, but the advantages of LED lighting usually make it the safest, most efficient, affordable and reliable option.

LED lights are safe option, in particular for low level lighting and areas where there are younger kids around as it burns cooler than other types of lighting. It is a good option to avoid burns, and also poses less of a fire risk, ensuring the safety of your home and family.

LED lighting is affordable and Efficient. They are generally complete light fittings (although you can also purchase LED bulbs). They have a longer life, so whilst they can be a little pricier to initially install and purchase, they are more affordable as they last for much longer than your standard light bulb. They also use less power to run so you can expect to see your power bill decrease.

Style up your Home! Another great bonus of LED lighting is that there is something to suit every scenario - literally any style of light you could imagine. The possibilities are endless!

At Electrical Installations, we have a wealth of experience with lighting fit outs and we can help you to find and install the best lighting solution for your home. Our certified electricians will ensure that every light installed is the perfect solution for your home or office.